If you had used the Windows Phone Dev Center before it was unified with Windows Dev Center, you probably know that unpublishing an app was a piece of cake. You select an app from your Dashboard and click on “Hide app in store“. That’s it; The app will no longer be available for download unless you republish it.

After Microsoft merged Windows Dev Center and Windows Phone Dev Center, the “Hide app in store” link is no more. However, You can still unpublish your apps if you want to, but it’s a bit tricky than earlier. Let me show you how to do it.

  1. Log in to your Dev Center Dashboard and select an app from My Apps which you want to unpublish from the store.

  2. Under Submissions, click on Update link present next to your last submission.

  1. In the next page, a new submission will be created. From the options that appear, select Pricing and availability.
  1. Under Distribution and visibility, Make sure that Hide this app and stop selling is selected and then hit Save.

**Note:** If no option is available under **Distribution and visibility**, Click on **show options** link next to it. Now, you should see the three options.
  1. Finally, Click on Submit to the store. After a few hours, your app will be hidden from the store.

Your app will no longer be available for download from the store. Existing users who already have your app can still use it, however.